Why You Need a Crystal Table Lamp at Your Workstation

Crystal table lamp

When reading, using the computer, or doing other activities that require close attention to detail, adequate illumination is essential. This is why you should have a crystal table lamp on your desk.

These days, we spend a significant amount of time gazing at displays of varying dimensions and configurations. Our days are filled with digital reflections, whether they occur on our computers, tablets, or mobile phones. This is a dreadful combination for our eyes, especially when considered in conjunction with the natural process of aging.

It comes as somewhat of a surprise that a lot of us fail to put on enough lighting, considering how taxing it may be on our eyes to look at all of the devices.

The Effects on Eyes of Poor Lighting and Screen Glare

The rapid movement of pixels and brightness from displays may be taxing on our eyes, especially for people like us who use screens for both work and leisure.

Eyestrain, migraines, double vision, dry eyes, and neck discomfort are some of the symptoms of computer vision syndrome, as described by the American Optometric Association (AOA). Other symptoms include eyestrain. A shorter attention span, impatience, and bad behavior are among the symptoms that may be seen in children who suffer from computer vision syndrome.

The quantity of light that we need each year grows proportionately with our age. Even though it does not seem that reading in low light will have a long-term impact on your vision, the pain associated with doing so might make you less effective. Inadequate lighting may also make preexisting eye conditions, such as cataracts and retinal disorders, much worse.

How to Pick the Best Crystal Table Lamp

Investing in a crystal table lamp is one approach to protect yourself against the hazards of poor lighting and glare from screens. The symptoms of eye strain may be alleviated by lowering the contrast between the brightness of your screen and the darkness that surrounds it. This can be accomplished with a decent crystal table lamp. Here are some pointers to help you choose the options that are most suitable for you.


A crystal table lamp must be readily adjustable, not just in terms of height but also in terms of orientation. It is also important that the dimensions match those of your workspace or desk. You should not use desk lamps to directly illuminate your screen but rather use them as an additional source of illumination for the darker regions around it. You have the option of selecting from one of these six fundamental categories of desk lamps: adjustable, gooseneck, clip-on, magnifying, or banker lamps. In most cases, a lamp that has a stem that can swivel or bend is the best option for maximum portability.

Type of Bulb

You may use three different kinds of light bulbs in any lamp: incandescent, compact fluorescent, and LED bulbs. LED lights are the best choice because of their extended life duration, efficient energy consumption, and dimming characteristics. Other types of bulbs each have their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

In a perfect world, most workstations might benefit from LED lamps ranging from 5 to 10 watts. When it comes to job lighting, lamps with a color temperature of around 4000K provide the best illumination while also putting less strain on the eyes.

Illumination Range

According to Benq, a reasonable lighting range for a screen ought to be around 90 centimeters on both sides of the screen. Because the lighting range of most ordinary desk lamps is between 30 and 50 centimeters, you should consider using more than one lamp when you are working across many displays at the same time. When shopping for a crystal table lamp, you should steer clear of those with flashing bulbs since they create an effect similar to a strobe and cause disorientation.

Keep the Light On

When working long days as well as late nights, having access to a lamp is a vital piece of equipment to have. Not only is it essential to your work efficiency, but it is also beneficial to your health in general.

There are additional things you can do to help keep your eyes healthy, such as installing a crystal table lamp or two in your workspace. You may, for instance, utilize the dark mode or the eye strain reduction option on your smartphone, or you might decrease the brightness of the screen. Alternatively, you might just make an effort to reduce the amount of time you spend in front of a screen. Finding the crystal table lamp that best suits your needs requires some trial and error. The way we see changes throughout time, and so do the varied requirements we have. Paying attention to all of these details may seem like a lot of work, but it will be well worth your time in the end to locate the lamp that is just right for you.


Why is a desk lamp necessary?

As we work, the lamp’s light helps to ease our muscles’ tension. Ambient lighting has a very particular function; by reducing glare, it helps us read more comfortably. With study lights, you may read more effectively and profitably while also ensuring that your eyes remain healthy and robust.

Is a lamp necessary for your desk?

Are you sick of having headaches after spending all day gazing at a computer screen? A crystal table lamp may aid in reducing eye strain and tiredness by delivering concentrated light that improves vision.

Why is having a lamp necessary?

Adequate illumination enhances visibility and safety, particularly after dark when our vision is less effective. Additionally, light may help us feel less worn out and boost our productivity at work. Additionally, it may have a favorable impact on our happiness and well-being.

How should your office be lit?

Avoid using shadows and contrast The ambient light provided by overhead lighting is crucial, but it’s better to stay away from light sources that emit harsher, more direct light since they might reflect off your computer screen and cause glare. Additionally, ceiling lights may create shadows on your work surface, particularly if they are coming from behind you.

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