Most beautiful places in Europe to visit in 2019

Most beautiful places in Europe to visit in 2019

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Europe always makes everybody think of beautiful tourist destinations. Even if you have heard a lot of the most beautiful places in Europe, you definitely should go there to see and experience them all yourself.

We cannot see all of Europe in a week, month or even year and there will be many beautiful places that we will have left off our list. However, some of them are simply impossible to miss out. We have picked up only a few but proved long-time winners including Paris, London, Rome, Venice and Vienna.

When talking about ancient and modern art, magnificent architecture, picturesque landscapes, delicious food, these are probably the best places in Europe to visit. Take a look at top places to visit in Europe we are going to do a round-up of today.

Paris, France

If you are dreaming about your own epic Europe travel, why don’t you start your journey from Paris? Visited by millions of tourists annually, Paris is undoubtedly one of the best European cities to visit. Paris needs no introduction. It has a lot to offer to its visitors. If you are planning to make a tour around the City of Lights, the must-see places probably would be Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame, Moulin Rouge, Centre Pompidou, Saint-Germain, the Seine.

While many think of Paris as a place of crowds of tourists who never leave it, it still makes an impression of the fresh and spacious city. As for the things to do, we advise walking through the Luxembourg Gardens at night, have a strong coffee and croissant at the cafe in the morning and so on.

London, England

London is perhaps one of the best places to visit in Europe in summer as it is often raining here. Nonetheless, this amazing city is a hub of world-known sights, museums, monuments, theaters, parks, restaurants and other attractions. What is interesting about London is that you never can get enough of this city.

When you visit some of the most popular London attractions like Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, Madame Tussauds museum, Big Ben, London Eye, you are simply amazed at how magnificent these spots look. It seems the cold weather in London makes it even more magnificent. One has to say that this old city is constantly changing. It combines famous historical monuments with modern trends in art and architecture.

Note that London is also one of the biggest world’s centers of shopping and entertainment. For example, you can see how beautiful London looks from above on the London Eye at night, meet British celebrities at Madame Tussauds museum, get scared by the dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum, become a student at the University of Oxford for a moment, take a stroll in beautiful Royal or Hyde Park, watch Romeo and Juliet at Shakespeare’s Globe and so on.

If you are looking for the best places to visit in Europe in December, we strongly advise you to include this diverse and exciting city to your list.

Rome, Italy

If you are looking for one of the best places to visit in November in Europe, you might consider booking a flight ticket to Rome as it may take a long time before you actually go there. With so much to see in Rome, it is not easy to narrow down the long list of the most popular attractions and sights.

The Colosseum, Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Sistine Chapel, Spanish Steps, and, of course, Vatican. Here, you will get a chance to eat the best pizza and pasta in Europe.

Rome is perhaps one of the best cities to visit in Europe because it is called the world’s greatest outdoor museum. In the Eternal City, the monuments themselves are not the only thing tourist want to see.

Rather, they are looking for la dolce vita, a pleasant atmosphere of long lunches, strolls down narrow streets and piazzas, around classical ruins, high ancient churches and marble statues.

You might agree that the amazing thing about Rome is that the ruins are intertwining with the modern architecture which makes the Eternal City more beautiful to the tourists.

Venice, Italy

Some people don’t like Venice but the reason may be they never had a chance to really explore this amazing city. The most interesting thing Venice can offer are boat trips along the Grand channel. If you are into having a quiet rest, getting lost in long alleys, enjoying sitting on a terrace, Venice might be the right place to go.

You might be surprised but Venice is rich in museums, monuments, churches, palaces, historical and cultural buildings. The beaches of the Lido Island in Venice have been awarded by the UNESCO with an important eco-label Blue Flag four years in a row.

Venice is also rich in numerous islands including Lagoon, Lido, Murano, Torcello, Burano and other. Here, you can explore beautiful landscapes, lay on the golden sand and bathe in the clean water. Thanks to the continual influx of tourists, it is easy to get to Venice even by car. And this is where the paradise is located.

Vienna, Austria

If you are thinking about where to go in Europe, Vienna might be a great idea. Austria’s capital and largest city is full of cultural attractions. Vienna is considered a world-known tourist destination for music, art, and architecture lovers from around the world.

The exclusive atmosphere in Venice is largely shaped by its musical events including balls, concerts and operas. In this city, you can easily visit a few museums in a day and there still will remain some time to visit an opera where will always be a crowd for. Most of the classical music concerts honor such famous composers like Mozart, Beethoven and many more.


We hope you enjoyed reading about the best places to visit in Europe and chose your favourite one. We are updating our lists all the time and looking forward to adding more beautiful European cities. Feel free to ask questions and share your thoughts about more places to visit in Europe.

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